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Happy Kwanzaa + Real World Wednesday

We hope you had a great Christmas. If you are celebrating Kwanzaa tonight — Happy Kwanzaa!

Here’s what’s going on at MommyToo.com today.

  • Every Wednesday we will be featuring a mom who is blogging about her pregnancy. Check out our very first featured mom in our {real world} wednesday section: Yemi from Don’t Eat My Buchela.
  • Walmart.com is having a massive clearance sale. See how low their already low prices have become.
    TOPIC DU JOUR: Will Smith and Hitler
    You may have heard Will Smith is getting harangued on celebrity sites for saying something about Hitler being good in a Scottish newspaper. Who knows what he said; we think Will was misquoted and someone is trying to give him a headache during the holidays.
    Do you think Will might have slipped up, or do you give him the benefit of the doubt placing all blame on the reporter with a wayward pen?

If you’re reading this post via a feed, click here to weigh in on Will Smith.

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