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Holiday Health Check: How to Avoid Alcohol Poisoning in Your Kids

When you throw a party or get-together this holiday season be sure to throw away all alcoholic beverages that your guests leave behind and be sure to put all alcohol in a safe place where your children do not have access to it. Alcohol poisoning is common throughout the year, but tends to increase during the holidays.

“This often occurs when children drink the leftover cocktails after parties, or when adults allow them to drink from their glasses,” said William Norcross, M.D. UCSD Family and Preventive Medicine physician.

As a rule you should make sure alcoholic drinks are cleaned up and out of reach during and after a party. Additionally, make sure products such as colognes, perfumes and aftershaves, which also have high alcohol content, are far out of the reach of small children because they may believe these products are consumable.

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