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Ooh La La…French Luxury for Babies + 15% off at

We all want the absolute best for our babies from the best care in the world to the best products we can use to cleanse and soothe their delicate, little bodies. And there’s no doubt about it: All baby products are not created equal., an e-retail store we highly recommend, now carries Biolane, the number one French baby product company that is trusted by French maternity hospitals, midwives and more.

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Check out the Biolane difference:
Natural Ingredients: Biolane products are made with Hydra-bleine, a unique natural plant complex made from wheat oils and proteins that help reduce dehydration while nourishing and protecting baby’s delicate skin and scalp.

Dermatologist Recommended: Biolane products are dermatologist-tested for hypoallergenicity (formulated to minimize the risk of allergies) purity and safety. Alcohol-free and pH-balanced, they help maintain skin’s natural chemical balance.

Safety: Biolane products are tested at every stage of production and subject to strict regulations, under the governance of the European Directive. Biolane products are not tested on animals.

Bonding: Biolane’s carefully designed textures and light, delicate scent add to the pleasure of baby’s hygiene routine, making it a special time of closeness for parents and baby.

Enter promo code BIOLANE for 15% off their purchase of Biolane products at


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