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Jump Start World, a Learning Adventure for the Younger Set

If you are a big fan of the latest software technology and exemplary educational tools, you will be highly impressed with Jump Start World First Grade. Jump Start World offers first graders the unique opportunity to choose a character and then race through a 3-D world full of educational adventures where they can steer a boat to hit a correct number in a math game or put together a crossword puzzle that challenges their thinking skills, for example. Jump Start World encourages youngsters to build their math, reading and critical thinking skills. It even helps young children become more advanced in correctly using a mouse and familiarizing themselves with the computer.

If you are concerned about how Jump Start World can enhance your child’s education at school, there is no need to worry. Jump Start World is curriculum based on both National and State standards. Plus, the software helps you keep track of your child’s progress and also rewards them whenever they have mastered a level or completed an activity.

Jump Start World First Grade provides skills in math, including telling time and using fractions, reading where phonics are the building blocks of reading and spelling, as well as problem solving and leadership development skills.

Jump Start First Grade requires a broadband connection and retails for $9.99. Buy or download on

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