new in books

What’s New In Books (December 8-15, 2007)

1.Dear Santa Claus Written by Alan Durant, Illustrated by Vanessa Cabban (Candlewick Press) $6.99

Every child longs to receive a letter from Santa for Christmas and in Dear Santa Claus, Holly, a little girl of about six, does. Dear Santa Claus is another genius title by Candlewick Press because it allows young children to get engaged in the story in other ways than one. Peppered throughout are real envelopes with actual letters inside small enough for tiny hands to grab and well as paper trinkets. We guarantee that Dear Santa Claus will be one of your children’s favorite titles of the season.

2.Seven Days Of Kwanzaa Written by , Illustrated by Jeremy Tugeau (Cartwheel Books/Scholastic) $3.99

It’s honestly a shame that more children’s titles about Kwanzaa are not published each year, but we are grateful to be able to review Seven Days of Kwanzaa published by Cartwheel Books, an imprint of Scholastic Press.

Seven Days of Kwanzaa is an exceptional book for young children ages 4-8 to get their first real glimpse of how Kwanzaa is celebrated and glean a true meaning of the cultural celebration. With rhythmic text and exceptional illustrations, Seven Days of Kwanzaa alone makes up for the noticeable lack of new children’s titles about the holiday.

3.On Angel Wings Written by Michael Morpurgo, Illustrated by Quentin Beake (Candlewick Press) $8.99

On Angel Wings is a liberal retelling of the religious history of Christmas, but told in a fashion understandable to young children. On Angel Wings will be best used as a nighttime story read aloud right before your children go to sleep on Christmas Eve.

4. The Night Before Christmas: A Magical Cut-Paper Edition Written by Clement C. Moore, Illustrated by Niroot Puttapipat (Candlewick Press) $16.99

Every family should have this version of The Night Before Christmas because of its sheer artistic genius and paper execution. You and your children will enjoy reading this story again while looking for the hidden surprises on every page from cutouts for the windows to the pop-up finale at the end.5. Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present Written and Illustrated by John Burningham (Candlewick Press) $8.99

Santa’s travel arrangements are always on the mind of young children. They incessantly want to know how Santa will get to their home and if the weather is particularly bad on Christmas Eve they want to be assured that Santa will be able to make it to their home. Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present is an excellent book to help quell any fears your child may have about Santa delivering gifts to your home.

Although Santa was finished delivering presents on Christmas Eve and one of his reindeer was sick, Santa took every mode of transportation possible such as a helicopter, jeep, bicycle and his own feet to deliver his very last present to Harvey Slumfenburger. This idelightful story shows children how important it is for Santa to go to all lengths to make each and every one of his deliveries.

6. The Night Before Christmas Written by Clement C. Moore, Illustrated by Becky Kelly (Andrew McMeel Publishing) $14.95

Even though your children have heard The Night Before Christmas a trillion times this version will delight their senses because of Becky Kelly’s delightful illustrations. A much sought-after artist in her own right, Kelly’s artistic work brings this old classic to life with whimsical settings and an intimate eye for detail. Children will also love the book’s cover which is decorated with shimmering embossed stars and snowflakes made of glitter.

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