AmberWatch Tips for Kids This Holiday Season

When kids are out of school for the Christmas holiday many parents cannot be home with them during the day unless there is a parent who stays at home. The AmberWatch Foundation wants all children to be safe while their parents are away at work. Here are some tips you can discuss with your child to reiterate their safety during Christmas break.

1) Know what emergency numbers to call if you’re home alone and you need help.

2) Don’t give out your name, age, address and phone number on the Internet.

3) Don’t get close to any car that slows down or stops near you. If the car stops near you, run away and tell a trusted adult. Never get into a car with anyone you don’t know.

4) Say “NO!” and run away if someone tries to touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or scared. Tell your families or trusted loved ones if this scenario occurs.

5) If someone tries to hurt you, yell for help, fight as hard as you can and run away.

6) Keep doors and windows locked and secured when you’re home alone. Don’t open the door or let anyone in without your parents’ permission.

7) Stay with your parents or a trusted adult when you are in a public space. If you lose them, go to the nearest security officer or store clerk with a nametag and tell them that you’re lost.

8) Never take shortcuts. Always walk along well-traveled streets and follow the route that your parents planned out for you.

9) Don’t tell anyone on the phone that your parents are not at home. Just say, “They can’t come to the phone right now” and take a message.

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