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My Mommy’s Tote

Your toddler will love playing “mommy” with My Mommy’s Tote. Inside of the whimsical, make-believe tote is everything a mother uses on a daily basis and all the things children wish they could get their little hands on. Your child will be able to engage in interactive play with a pretend laptop, pint-sized calendar, keys, credit card and pen, among many other items.

Made of heavy cardboard, My Mommy’s Tote is very durable and each page flips out to reveal a brand new surprise about a mom’s busy life that your child can use to imitate your day-to-day mommy lifestyle. In addition to the above items, there is also a dry-erase board with a marker inside that kids will love to draw on, along with interactive tools to help your child learn their numbers and letters while pretending to be mommy.

A bit of a warning, though: If you have more than one child be sure to buy multiple My Mommy’s Totes because all of your children will want to get their hands on their own. Buy My Mommy’s Tote on

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