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Ebony Magazine — Still Relevant?

Robin Givhan, a writer at the Washington Post, asks whether Ebony magazine is still relevant today. I would say so, especially with Michael Jackson gracing its December cover.

We all grew up with issues of Ebony magazine stacked neatly on our mom’s coffee table. Ebony was always present in most black homes and if our parents were not subscribers then surely our grandparents were. Each month when our issue of Ebony arrived I’d delve into it with great anticipation rushing through page after page of celebrity news as well as articles about the movers and shakers in the national black community. But over the years it is hard not to have noticed how outdated some of the editorial content and design aesthetics have become. The good thing is, now with new leadership such as Harriette Cole, Ebony’s creative director, Ebony magazine is finally running fast and furious into a more modern era where it can continue to be the most revered magazine for the black community. And it’s about time.

What is your favorite black magazine?

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