Buying a Mommy Body

There’s no doubt about it: We live in a hypersensitive, often irrationally consumed culture of perfect looks and unattainable beauty. These days most people long to look like airbrushed celebrities or fictionalized characters who grace the covers of fitness magazines. The thing is it takes a lot of money, a concerted effort among trainers, stylists, and makeup people, and an artist with top notch Photoshop skills to create what women try to become on a daily basis sans any help. Now mothers, even after giving birth, want to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back even it is costs a cool $25,000 dollars.

Plastic surgeons across the country are now offering “mommy makeover” packages women can opt for a tummy tuck, liposuction in targeted areas, breast implants, as well as botox injections.

Are these mothers crazy and have too mush disposable income? Or, should they look their absolute best at all costs?

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