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New Social Network for Kids

I just spent an entire hour of pure, unadulterated, childish fun at Kraze™. Playhut just released a free social networking, magical e-playground for children ages six and up and, in my opinion, it’s a pretty cool place for little ones to spend time online.

Although I am pretty efficient on the Net, it took me (a 32-year-old) a little while to work my way around the site because I am not at all familiar with sites where you can actually walk characters through different scenes and environments. But when I let me nine-year-old tool around, she got a hang of it pretty quickly and put me to shame quite honestly.

One of the things I like about Kraze is Playhut created gender specific worlds, one specifically for girls, called Mystikats Kutties, and a world for boys called Wowbotz. Here, children can customize their own character, design their home, pick their clothes, earn coins, go shopping, play games, and meet online with friends who are also playing online.

The only thing I did not like about Kraze was girls cannot customize the ethnicity of their characters and they only have a handful of pre-made characters to choose from. There could be a little more selection and diversity in the character choices.

Other than that, parents can feel safe with their children being online and creating their own virtual world on Kraze.

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