Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts

Those Shoes
Written by Maribeth Boelts
Illustrated by Noah Z. Jones
Candlewick Press
5 – 8 years, K-3

Those Shoes is a heartwarming story of a poor boy, Jeremy, who lives with his grandmother. All Jeremy can think about are the new shoes all the children in school are wearing. He quickly becomes the laughing stock of the cool kids because a guidance counselor gives him tennis shoes with Velcro no less to wear after noticing the soles of his shoes had come undone.

Like every kid who wants to fit in, Jeremy begs his grandmother for a pair of “those shoes” but they are too expensive for her small budget. Those shoes teach Jeremy a timeless lesson about trying to fit in and finding greater meaning in life

Those Shoes is a wonderful story overflowing with robust illustrations and a oozing with a moral lesson all children should learn. Those Shoes will aid children in understanding that material possessions, although nice, are not nearly as important as the love of family and the thrill of having good friends.

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