Oscar and the Moth

Oscar and the Moth (Oscar)
Written and Illustrated by Geoff Waring
Ages: 4 and up, Grades: Preschool and Up

There is no better way to quench a child’s endless fascination with natural phenomena than through books. All children have asked at one time or another about the reasons why they see light and dark and parents throughout history have had to simplifly the details in a way children can easily understand.

Oscar and the Moth, a Start with Science Book from Candlewick Press, is a brilliantly written book of discovery for children ages four and up, the precise years when children begin tirelessly asking questions about the vast world around them. Oscar and the Moth discuss the rise and setting of the sun, the difference between light from lamps and light from fireflies, and they even talk about light emitted by underwater creatures like squid and anglerfish.

Young children will obtain a clearer understanding of light and dark through beautifully-illustrated, lovable characters who themselves are helping each other learn the differences and reasons behind these natural occurrences.

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