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The Perfect Printer for Families

We are extremely impressed with the Epson RX595 Photo All-In-One Printer. In fact, it’s so great, we really don’t have enough space to tell you about all the many fabulous features of the Epson RX595, so we’ll mentioned what we like the most.

First, you can easily print, scan and copy from this one unit, and if that’s not enough, you can also print directly from your cell phone (with the Bluetooth adapter), digital camera, as well as from your USB flash drive. The photo quality is top notch and the Claria(TM) Hi-Definition Ink does not smudge. We know how important this is to moms, especially when our little ones like to pull our prints out of the printer with wet, grimy hands.

Here’s a feature that we really like: the RX595 requires the use of individual six-color ink cartridges, so over time you only need to replace the colors that need changing, not the whole cartridge. Very smart! Read more about the Epson RX595.

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