maternity wear

Liz Lange Talks Office Chic

When you’re expecting it can be a little difficult finding just the right attire that looks great in the boardroom and is also pleasing to your growing belly.

Liz Lange, the queen of maternity clothes, offers these expert tips for looking stylish in the office.

  • For most, business casual is the everyday work attire. The best way to dress for this is to focus on key pieces: a pencil skirt, black pants, a streamlined knit dress, a black jacket and a sleeveless top. Once you have these, you can create a full wardrobe by adding a few standout pieces.

  • If business casual isn’t an option and you have to wear a suit, buy the foundation and then add in key pieces as you go. A dress, skirt or pants and then a jacket, paired with a few key pieces such as sweaters and blouses will give you more than a week’s worth of dressy office attire.
  • For casual Fridays, you can take it down a notch, but it doesn’t take a lot to look sloppy. Choose your separates wisely. Save the denim for the weekends and stick with simple skirts, tailored pants, cozy sweaters and comfortable flats.

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