Encouraging the Reluctant Reader

(Newswise) Some children don’t enjoy reading. They complain reading is boring, or they simply prefer to do other things, such as watch television. But a child who doesn’t read can fall behind in their reading skills, which can lead to problems in the future, says Unoveristy of Alabama Birmingham reading and literacy expert Kathleen Martin, Ph.D.

Martin offers parents the following tips for encouraging the reluctant reader: “Find the topics that capture your child’s interest. Then find books on those topics. If a child seems reluctant to read novels, try non-fiction books and magazines. Make sure the books you select are at an appropriate reading level for the child. If a child becomes fascinated with a book that is difficult for them to read unassisted, read it with your child, and be prepared to chime in when the child reaches a word he or she cannot pronounce.”

For children who are just learning to read, I personally recommend the Brand New Readers series published by Candlewick Press. My youngest daughter, who is now six, started with these boxed set of 10 books and they have worked wonders.

Not only are they beautifully illustrated, they also give your child a sense of accomplishment after they have finished all ten books. Plus, the repetitive wording and the easy builder words make these books a joy, rather than a chore to read.

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