breastfeeding in public, commentary

My Father’s Day Awakening

This morning while taking my run I was listening to “Natty Dread” by Bob Marley and it got me thinking about my stance on breastfeeding in public. Bob can have a transforming effect on people, you know, especially when he chants lines like, “Don’t care what the world say. I’n’I couldn’t never go astray.”

Then I came home and shared my latest blog posts with my dear husband who looked at both sides of the breastfeeding in public debate (he’s a Libra) and told me I was being unreasonable and was dead wrong on the issue. And so on that note, I concede defeat, although I feel like Oda Mae Brown when she had to hand over the 4 million dollar check to the nuns in Ghost. I’m smiling through clinched teeth.

My husband reminded me that while I personally didn’t want to breastfeed openly in public, there are other moms who do and their harassers shouldn’t be applauded. I have to remember that.

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