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Baby Week on Discovery Health

The definitive babies/parenting event on television – BABY WEEK 2007 – kicks off on Discovery Health on 6/10 with brand new premieres and exciting online and VOD features. From amazing families with multiples, to the top docs that care for them, BABY WEEK has it all. This year, BABY WEEK kicks off on Sunday, June 10, at 8 PM (ET/PT) and continues through Friday, June 15, 2007.

2007 BABY WEEK Programming Preview:

Premieres Sunday, June 10, at 8 PM
Revisit the Derk family three years after the birth of their quintuplets. With the support of doctors and their
community, remarkable parents Brenda and Jim were able to handle some incredible emotional ups and downs. Now, revisit the quintuplets’ first year of life and see how these frolicking 4-year-olds are thriving. Catch up with Brenda and Jim and the quintuplets as they celebrate their fourth birthday.

Airs Sunday, June 10, at 9 PM
Like many young married couples, Jon and Kate Gosselin planned on having children, but eight children, all under the age of five, was not exactly part of their plan. After finding out that Kate suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome, which prevents normal ovulation, the couple turned to fertility treatment and quickly became pregnant with twin girls. Then, wanting to add one more child to their family, Jon and Kate went through another round of fertility treatment, resulting in sextuplets! Now Kate’s stretched-out post-pregnancy belly is going to get a tummy tuck, courtesy of one very generous viewer.

Airs Monday, June 11, at 8 PM
Follow five of the most fascinating cases from past seasons of BABIES: SPECIAL DELIVERY, and follow up with the parents and babies one and two years later. Learn how the babies and mothers are doing since those eventful births.

Airs Tuesday, June 12, at 8 PM
Meet Pete and Jenny of small-town Illinois. After losing two previous babies, Jenny manages to get pregnant again… this time with quintuplets! Experience the drama of a high-risk pregnancy, then meet the five miracle babies.

Airs Wednesday, June 13, at 8 PM
In this one-hour reunion special, a trio of memorable families previously featured in the Discovery Health specials TRIPLE THE TRIPLETS and DOUBLE IDENTICAL TWINS are faced with medical and emotional challenges as they struggle to combine multiples and marriage.

Premieres Thursday, June 14, at 8 PM
With six kids from a previous marriage, the Healys added one set of identical twins, then a singleton, then a set of fraternal twins, and now, without any fertility drugs, they have added two more identical twins, defying odds of one in five million.

Premieres Friday, June 15, at 8 PM
From the moment he was born, Lisa Murphy knew that something was terribly wrong with her youngest child, Eamon. His unresponsiveness and general lack of development worried Lisa and her husband Bob, but no doctor could find anything wrong with their son.

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