Pillow Bliss

Without a doubt, I was the most creative in my life when I was breastfeeding. Every single web site I have now I created when I was nursing. I had a ton of time on my hands and a computer staring at me, so I decided to take some chances at web design and community building. It worked. And to think, I started it all with a nursing baby in my lap.

In those days, I was a simple mom. While I breastfed I always used a regular pillow to prop my little ones up so they could feed in peace and I could nurse without any hassle. But invariably, my girls and I were never truly, optimally comfortable. We shifted all the time. I had to roll up one side of the pillow to brace their back. It ultimately worked, but things could have been easier.Babies R Us Baby Bonus Days

If you’re currently doing the same thing I did, don’t. Instead, use a breastfeeding pillow like the Original Boppy Nursing Pillow.
The revolutionary design of the Original Boppy Nursing Pillow
iconwill help you bring your little one closer to your breast, which, believe me, is SO important! Plus, the support is unparalleled for comfort and for helping your baby when she starts to sit up.

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