I Guess I’ll Be One Voice of Blackness

While I was checking my stats this evening I saw that a few people had mingled over from The Lactivist’s blog. Apparently there was a firestorm of sorts over racism and breastfeeding created by an essay written by a staunch lactivist, Morgan Gallagher. Since the controversy is over blackness and my name was thrown in the mix by a few commenters, I thought I’d contribute my two cents on the matter.

I read Morgan Gallagher’s essay last week as reposted by Jennifer in “A Powerful Wake-up Call on Breastfeeding and the Culture” and I understood what Gallagher was saying and took no offense. I say this as a black woman who is, at times, hypersensitive to racism of all sorts and have created many sites and blogs specifically intended for blacks. I can find racism in places, situations and circumstances that some would call pure paranoia, but in this case there was genuinely no racism here. Gallagher was simply stating a fact: breastfeeding is as natural as being born black. Or, she could have said, breastfeeding is as natural as the coming of spring or the yearly migration of hummingbirds, for that matter. I get her point. Some people just went WAY TOO FAR in calling the author and the lactivist racists.

Plus, people! From the British spellings in some of her words (colour, offence), I knew she wasn’t American. She’s coming from a totally different point of view. I gather Gallagher doesn’t know or even understand American racism.

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