Upon Reflection

One of the apects of blogging I truly enjoy most is the easy exchange of information and ideas with other people in relatively little time and with little to no effort. Without question, what the blog has done for global communications is absolutely mind blowing, especially for people like me who readily remember what life was like sans the Internet, and that’s most of us.

This past week, breastfeeding bloggers and moms were all abuzz over wet nursing and cross nursing. It hit a button with many of us, either if we are against these infant feeding practices or not. I was happy to add my two cents about the matter and throw into the blog dialogue a different perspective about wet nursing. I read on other blogs that some moms didn’t think about or know the correlation between the history of wet nursing and black women, or were happy to point other bloggers to another point of view on wet nursing (Thanks Tanya and Jennifer). It’s moments like these, where there is an exchange of differing ideas and diverse perspectives, that makes me proud and ever-inspired to do what I do, and that is authoring this blog about black breastfeeding.

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