breastfeeding in public

Most Excellent Commentary

I am so HAPPY and relieved to have read thoughtful commentary about public breastfeeding that echoes my same sentiments on the matter. In Why are we at war over breast-feeding?”, opinion columnist for the News Journal Rhonda Graham, speaks up for breastfeeding moms (like her and me) who don’t hold their rights as nursing moms over everyone else’s.

As the Constitution guarantees, everyone has certain basic rights and just because we’re dealing with babies and their overall welfare and optimal nourishment doesn’t mean that some breastfeeding moms who nurse in public do not take away the rights of others not to witness the act. This may come as a shock to some moms, but everyone is not enamored by public breastfeeding, no matter how good it may be for babies.

As a nursing mom, I was always cognisant about where I breastfed my babies, and for the record, it was always in an intimate setting where my babies and I were most comfortable. It’s unfortunate that there are some mothers who feel they need to force their choices upon the masses. I think they’re wrong and those of us who feel this way should consistently speak our opinion as loudly as those who believe otherwise.

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