Breastfeeding and Writing

When I was a nursing mama I spent seemingly endless amounts of time immobile, and with that time, I spent a lot of it wondering, pondering, dozing, dreaming, meditating and writing. In fact, during this time I created Mommy Too! and wrote several articles and essays for publication.

For any of your breastfeeding moms who are acquiring a mean writing bug like I did, here is a call for submissions that may be right up your alley.

Contest for Write-At-Home Moms


Writing’s hard; parenting’s harder. Only the strongest souls would consider doing them both at the same time, and we applaud that spirit.

Writer’s Digest wants to hear from you on the topic of: “When Parenting and Writing Collide.” Write your best original, unpublished parenting-and-writing story in a 500-word essay and e-mail it to with “Writer Mama contest” in the subject line. Christina Katz, author of “Writer Mama,” will select the top three entries. The first-place entry will be published in an upcoming issue of Writer’s Digest magazine; second- and third-place entries will be posted on All winners will receive a signed copy of “Writer Mama.” All entries must be e-mailed to by March 31.

The entry must be written in the body of the e-mail; attachments will not be accepted or opened. Each entry should include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Only the winning writers will be contacted, and entries will not be returned. “Writer’s Digest” retains first-time rights to run the winning entries in the magazine and/or on our website or associated websites, after which all rights return to the author. The decisions of the editors are final.

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