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On Any Given Day

As a writer and reader of blogs of all stripes and the news, I have to say it can certainly be hard some days taking in so much negative information. When I am looking through news stories about black families, black parenting and black children invariably everything and I mean, EVERYTHING, is bad. There is absolutely nothing going well for black families and children these days and it’s disheartening.

If you take a look at every statistic out there that shines a spotlight on single motherhood, the achievement gap, black children who are growing up in poverty, black children who are growing up in dangerous neighborhoods, etc it’s enough to seriously send you over the edge. In the span of about forty years, what happened? The black community is simply not the same anymore and the children are taking the brunt of all that ails black families and communities. The bad news is so disparaging that there simply doesn’t seem to be a way out; that the trends going on now will persist until the next generations are just as bad as the one in which we’re living.

In your opinion, what can be done to help the black community? What can be done to save black children. What went wrong? I have my own hunched, but I’d really like to hear your thoughts.

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