The Best Breastfeeding Advice I Ever Got

When I first started breastfeeding, to my knowledge, I was the first woman to do so in my immediate family. My mother attempted to breastfeed my brothers and me nearly thirty years earlier, but she had inverted nipples and it was just too difficult to fight the inevitable. After crying ceaslessly with my older brother craddled in her arms, she abadoned nursing altogether. But despite feeding us formula as infants, when I became a mother, my mom was keenly aware of everything I needed to know about feeding my babies naturally.

It was such a relief having my mother’s support when I began breastfeeding. Because I was a voracious reader during both my pregnancies, I already knew a lot about everything, or so I thought. It just so happened that I didn’t read the crucial information and advice about leaking breasts and what to do about them when you’re in public and developing milk rings the size of Oreos on your tee shirt . It was my mother who promptly sent me three boxes of sanity-saving nursing pads after I shared my humiliating stories about my milk seeping through my bras.

After everything I had read about breastfeeding, to this day, I still can’t believe I didn’t know anything about nursing pads. I’m glad my mother was around to give me the best breastfeeding advice I ever got.

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