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Black Fathers Stepping Up

We all know how important fathers are to the lives of children, and sadly there are millions of black children who are not having regular, constant contact with their dads. No matter what anyone says, this is debilitating to kids. That’s why it is encouraging to see dads taking the initiative to show they understand the importance of fatherhood.

The First Steps for Fathers Program in Aiken, SC is putting forth the effort to rally dads and mentors to save black children.

Fatherhood Coordinator Brendolyn Jenkins discussed upcoming seminars, including parenting classes, child development, health, spirituality, conflict resolution, money management and other related topics.

“When a few good men step up to the plate … things begin to happen,” said Jenkins. “We want to match you with men that can guide you in your professional growth.”

The First Steps for Fathers Program was established through a $30,000 grant from the Children’s Trust Fund of S.C. to prevent child abuse in Aiken County. This program is to assist dads with education, job-training and parenting skills.

Good job, dads!

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