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Soothe Your Preggy Belly & Body

Bbb Kit By Mama Mio:Beaudacious, Bountiful and Bouncy (or Boobs, Bellies and Bottoms). You are growing day by day and it is putting a major strain on your skin, so keep it nourished! – Kit contains: Tummy Rub Oil, Boob Tube and Wonderful Balm.

Other Great Products for Your Growing Belly and Body:

Soothing Foot Relief By Basq: Now more than ever you need all over body relief especially for tired, swollen legs and feet! With its cooling, soothing feel, this lotion provides the perfect lift after a long day!

Motherhood Stretchmark Prevention Lotion:
This brand new lotion may help you avoid stretch marks before, during, and after pregnancy. Contains elastin plus high potency collagen to keep skin smooth and control the skin s elasticity. 8.5 fl oz bottle. Made in USA
Mothers Work, Inc.

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