"All Things Baby" at Your Local Wal-Mart

New and expectant moms can be overwhelmed by caring for an infant and may not have time to find credible, up-to-date health information and parenting tools. To help, Wal-Mart has partnered with Abbott’s Ross Products Division to host the “All Things Baby” event and “Baby Solutions 1-2-3” seminars, a series of educational opportunities at select Wal-Mart stores throughout the country for expectant and new moms and caregivers.

At the “All Things Baby” event, parents will find resources they USA, LLCneed to help raise a strong and healthy baby and can pick up a complimentary baby resource guide. “Baby Solutions 1-2-3” seminars will feature a local family-care expert to discuss topics such as feeding and nutrition, child safety, and play and sleep time. Attendees of the seminar will receive a free gift bag with sponsor samples (while supplies last).

The “All Things Baby” event will take place January 28 through February 6. “Baby Solutions 1-2-3” seminars will launch this spring in select Wal-Mart stores.


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