Milkscreen Puts Moms at Ease

It’s been four years since I last breastfed. My youngest daughter is now six and I breastfed both my daughters for two years straight. During that time, I wanted to drink a glass of wine every now and then, so when my oldest daughter was almost two, I put her to sleep one night and then had a nice glass of wine.

The one time I did have a glass of wine, I worried if I had consumed too much, even if it was only one glass. I mean, who knows how one glass can affect a breastfeeding infant. Although I was confident I wouldn’t pass a harmful amount of alcohol to my daughter, I was never 100% sure.

Now, if breastfeeding moms want to indulge in a soothing glass of wine, they can test their breastmilk for the presence of alcohol with Milkscreen.

I found Milkscreen: Detection Test for Alcohol in BreastMilk
at for $18.95 — a dollar savings from the Milkscreen web site.

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